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About me


A few words about me:

I like to think of myself as an explorer, a person who has to try and touch everything on her own. I prefer to find my personal ways to get a specific result, which also translates to photography. I quit my 9-5 job to become fully dedicated to photography. I've always wanted to exist in the creative world, at the beginning it was painting, but after 6 years of studying in elementary school, the best human I could draw was still a stickman (this is still the case today). The time has come to do something else - I fell into the world of music, which I am passionate about all the time. Photography is my most recent discovery, and it's quite likely to stay that way, as it's already become my way of living.

My photography:

The truth is, I didn't really like photography while I was a student. However, being on the Erasmus program, before the trip to the Azores, I decided that it was simply inappropriate to take pictures with my mobile on such an amazing island. This is how I bought my first camera and immediately fell in love with it. A moment later, a few posters were created, and I started digging into the depths of the Internet in search of knowledge. Currently, I mainly deal with interiors, but I also shoot events, products, delicious food, landscapes, and basically everything that's put in front of my lens. Recently, I even started producing films. I am eager to take on new challenges, so if my current offer does not include anything you need - let me know. We will surely reach an agreement!


My approach to the client:

Let's skip the "sir" part, ok? I'm an advocate of direct contact and I strongly believe that calling each other "Mr" or "Ms" creates an unnecessary distance between people, and we have too much of that these days. I approach each session individually. You won't find price lists in the form of "price per shot"; or "price per photoshoot". After each session, I will provide you with a wide selection of unedited photos for you to choose from. Once you've made your selections I will edit the pictures and forward them your way in a previously agreed form.

My Clients

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